IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is the process of supporting the synchronized development and management of water, land and related natural resources, in order to maximize the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of the vital ecosystem. There can be variation in water availability with respect to time and space and this causes difficulty in managing the water resources.

The Global changes in climate, land use, increase in population, industrialization, etc., have put tremendous pressure on the availability of fresh water to meet the ever increasing demands for various purposes. The sustainable management of water can be ensured only through integrated approach with cooperation of various departments and stakeholders. Availability of clean and safe water is a major challenge in many countries. Unsound management of water resources threatens the economic developmental goals in many countries and adds to the unequitable distribution of economic welfare. Pollution, depletion of water resources and collapse of ecological functions are of concern globally as well as regionally. This International symposium aims to provide a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information on the diverse aspects of the IWRM among different disciplines